We have 40 amazing talented young female musicians in our orphanages. Please join in this chance to nurture something so positive in our children and consequently Afghanistan.


    Please consider purchasing one of these very expressive and unique works of art produced by our very own students from the orphanages. You can also make a donation to the Art Program.


    Sports have become a major element to our children’s program. For our Girl’s Football Team, we have a trainer from the Afghan national soccer team working with our students at the American University field.


    For 13 years children coming from poverty and violence have lived together in orphanages that are bastions of true democracy, places where everyone is equal.

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AFCECO Graduation Story 2016

Dear AFCECO Sponsors and Friends,

Amidst of all the horrifying news you hear daily from Afghanistan where girls are subject to all kinds of violence, here at AFCECO we have a different story to tell you. We are super thrilled to let you know that we have 18 high school graduates this year! This is by far one of the greatest AFCECO’s achievements. For all of the 18 high school graduates it has been a life changing event in their lives. Their success of graduating high school is not only an important milestone to cross over but it is also a right they gained through their continued struggle for years in such a hostile circumstance.  It is these moments that we see the result of the work we all do collectively.

You wouldn’t imagine how excited and happy our girls and boys are. Each of them describe their stories of the past and their present. All of them tell that words can’t express the excitement and happiness they are experiencing. As Gulalai one of the graduates tells “in fact this is by far the greatest moment in my life” and Hamida, another gradates tells “I sometimes ask myself how my life would have shaped if I did not join AFCECO orphanages”. 

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AFCECO Newsletter: October 2016

Elisa came to New Mehan Orphanage and has good time with children

Dear Sponsors and Friends of AFCECO,

October was a busy month for AFCECO with extra-curricular activities and visits by sponsors.

We are first of all very happy to have received a grant for partial support of our athletic program from the Vital Voices Global Partnership. AFCECO is a longtime partner of Vital Voices and they have helped Andeisha organize many fundraisers in different cities in the USA. We appreciate their continued support of AFCECO and women around the world.

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