AFCECO Fundraising Concert in Kabul

“Dear Sponsors and Friends of AFCECO,”

We at AFCECO are delighted to tell you about a fundraising concert we held for our orphanages on November 10th. The event was organized thanks to the generous support of Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN) and the Serena Hotel, where the event was held. The concert was attended by Kabul’s diplomatic community, officials from government, representatives of private sector and as well as AFCECO and AKDN network of friends.

As part of our fundraising strategies, we also invited several businesses to showcase and sell their products at the event. For any business that participated, 15% of the proceeds were donated to AFCECO.

The event mainly included music and dance performance by our children with a few short speeches. The Program for the entire event follows.

1. Welcome remarks by Tim Swagemakers, KSH General Manager, and H.E. Mrs. Nurjehan Mawani, Diplomatic Representative of Aga Khan Development Network in Afghanistan

2. Introductory speech by Pashtana Rasoul

3. Story of Gulalai

4. AFCECO Children Ballet Dance

5. AFCECO Children Attan Dance

6. Music pieces:

- Misirlou by AFCECO Children - Ay Shakh Gul by AFCECO Children - Medley of Ahmad Zahir Songs by AFCECO Children - Laili Jan by AFCECO Children - Chopin Nocturne by Arson - Sakura by Sahar & Sunbol - Adagio Albinoni by Madina

The highlights of the event were the girls’ ballet dance and the kids Attan dance, which were both greatly applauded by the audience. These types of programs are not easy to organize in Kabul for many reasons. We are opposed by extremists who are still intolerant of our teaching liberal and become aggressively oppressive when they see a girl play music and dance. This causes security concerns and limited attendance. In addition, the coverage of the event by Afghan media was received with both praise and negative backlash.

Despite these challenges we were able to raise $3800 to help reduce our projected year end deficit.

We are currently focused on our Giving Tuesday Campaign with the help of several sponsors. Look for information on how to support AFCECO on Tuesday, November 28th on Facebook, our website and in a forthcoming email.

As part of our @GivingTuesday campaign, this year one of our sponsors has shared her AFCECO giving story. In this story, Rose Vines tells about the impact of sponsoring a child in our orphanages. Please read her story here and vote for it. You can support by asking your friends to vote for our sponsors’ stories. We won first place last year and received a $10,000 grant. We are hoping to have similar results this year. Please remember that you can vote daily.

Sincerely, Mahbooba


    We have 40 amazing talented young female musicians in our orphanages. Please join in this chance to nurture something so positive in our children and consequently Afghanistan.


    Please consider purchasing one of these very expressive and unique works of art produced by our very own students from the orphanages. You can also make a donation to the Art Program.


    Sports have become a major element to our children’s program. For our Girl’s Football Team, we have a trainer from the Afghan national soccer team working with our students at the American University field.


    For 13 years children coming from poverty and violence have lived together in orphanages that are bastions of true democracy, places where everyone is equal.


    Our girls at orphanage express themselves by practicing dance, an art that is still prohibited by societal norms in Afghanistan. Our children practice Attan, Afghan traditional dance, as well as ballet, western classical dance.

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