AFCECO Newsletter: December 2010

Dear Friends of AFCECO orphanages,

Birthday Parties in Mehan Orphanage

Winter approaches, wood heaters get installed, the children in Kabul and Herat orphanages are finishing up their final exams of the school year while the orphanages in Jalalabad and Pakistan midway through their programs. December is a time of transition and planning for the future, and the major task at the AFCECO Main Office is to plan for sponsorships. We had brand new orphanages open this year that are full of children who, in order to sustain the orphanage need sponsorship. It is a perennial task but we must push forward. You our sponsors are the best people in the world to get the word out about our mission, our program and how much sponsorship means to the children. As you come together for your end of the year holidays, please consider sponsorship as a gift, or tell people about what you do and how your contribution goes to the needs and the education of the children who are the future of Afghanistan.

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AFCECO Newsletter: November 2010

Dear Friends of AFCECO orphanages,

AFCECO Football Team

We must first let you know about the progress of our girl’s soccer team. Again, the meaning and impact here cannot be overstated. This program is in effect on a level with freedom and liberty being granted to an impoverished, crushed, subservient strata of human society. The girls entered into a tournament last week and won their first three matches. One of them ended in a shoot-out to settle a tie score. Khalida bravely protected that goal and Shagofa kicked a beautifully placed ball into the top left corner against their opponent’s keeper, sealing the victory. There were hugs and cheers and tears. The girls had been so terribly nervous. This was a truly beautiful sight, like birds being released from captivity. Such a simple, little thing can easily be taken for granted around the world. Here, for a few hours, new meaning was injected into the words inspiration, courage, and joy. Bit by bit these girls are learning to believe in themselves, in the power they contain, in a future they can create. If you can just imagine these girls shuddering in your arms, tears welling up, it is not mere winning that they feel, and in turn you feel through them. It is the lifting of oppression from their lives. They ended up taking third place overall in a tournament involving all the Kabul city schools. Many teachers and coaches commented on how the Mehan Girl’s team was the most professional and organized. We congratulate them and applaud their great effort. Once again we must thank the American University of Kabul for continuing to provide use of their soccer field.

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    We have 40 amazing talented young female musicians in our orphanages. Please join in this chance to nurture something so positive in our children and consequently Afghanistan.


    Please consider purchasing one of these very expressive and unique works of art produced by our very own students from the orphanages. You can also make a donation to the Art Program.


    Sports have become a major element to our children’s program. For our Girl’s Football Team, we have a trainer from the Afghan national soccer team working with our students at the American University field.


    For 13 years children coming from poverty and violence have lived together in orphanages that are bastions of true democracy, places where everyone is equal.


    Our girls at orphanage express themselves by practicing dance, an art that is still prohibited by societal norms in Afghanistan. Our children practice Attan, Afghan traditional dance, as well as ballet, western classical dance.

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