From Katrina to Madina by Rose Vines

16 January 2018
From Katrina to Madina by Rose Vines

From Katrina to Madina- Rose Vines When Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, it took from me many things. It took...

Carol Sullivan’s Story

15 January 2018
Carol Sullivan’s Story

Carol Sullivan’s Story AFCECO is an Afghan registered Non-Profit, that is funded through Charity Help International here in the United...


    We have 40 amazing talented young female musicians in our orphanages. Please join in this chance to nurture something so positive in our children and consequently Afghanistan.


    Please consider purchasing one of these very expressive and unique works of art produced by our very own students from the orphanages. You can also make a donation to the Art Program.


    Sports have become a major element to our children’s program. For our Girl’s Football Team, we have a trainer from the Afghan national soccer team working with our students at the American University field.


    For 13 years children coming from poverty and violence have lived together in orphanages that are bastions of true democracy, places where everyone is equal.


    Our girls at orphanage express themselves by practicing dance, an art that is still prohibited by societal norms in Afghanistan. Our children practice Attan, Afghan traditional dance, as well as ballet, western classical dance.

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AFCECO Newsletter: October 2010

Dear Friends of AFCECO orphanages,

The establishment of our second orphanage in Herat

AFCECO experienced a topsy-turvy month of holding onto a sense of normalcy while so much swirled about our doorstep. There was the culmination of Ramadan, which alters everyone’s schedule including the schools. Eid brought with it a three-day celebration that ended close enough to the parliamentary elections to impel authorities to close schools an additional week and practically shut down the city itself. In the midst of this were new and exciting opportunities to attend to, while maintaining a thread of continuity through all our extracurricular programs.

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AFCECO Newsletter: September 2010

Dear Friends of AFCECO orphanages,


The first thing we should let you know as the tragedy in Pakistan continues to unfold is that our two orphanages there are safe and secure. They are fortunate to be situated outside the flood zone, and as children prepare for the beginning of their school year life will proceed for them normally. We are in close touch with our friends there, and watch the news along with the rest of the world as we hope for a sign that relief will come soon to the millions who are suffering there. This month we received a ten-day visit from Paul Stevers, President of Charity Help International and long-time friend of AFCECO. Paul got to see first hand all the new developments in our Kabul orphanages, as well as to pursue some ideas he has about helping ordinary Afghans who are isolated from resources that could improve their lives. As ever we are thankful for having such a partner who has made it possible for us to have an expansive worldwide network of friends and sponsors to send this newsletter to.

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