AFCECO November 2016 Newsletter

Dear Sponsors and Friends,

 November has been an overwhelmingly busy month with all the programs happening both for the children and staff.

We are very happy to announce that we have activated the Italian section of our website. Again, our special thanks go to Elisa Ghazi our sponsor who did the translation from English to Italian. AFCECO has many Italian sponsors who have hosted our children and provided ongoing support of our efforts. We hope this change to our website will enable them to better understand the impact they are making and how they can continue to support AFCECO. While Elisa was in Kabul we really had an amazing time. The children especially enjoyed pizza day with Elisa where we cooked pizzas for all the children.

 All of the orphanages children completed their final exams on December 5th. Unlike the previous years, unfortunately we will not be able to keep most of the children at the orphanages during the winter period. Due to our budget deficit we will be sending them to their villages for the long winter break. As you are aware we tried many ways to cover our budget deficit. We contacted embassies and also many other organizations and individuals but we were unable to raise the money needed. Therefore, as we had planned earlier, we must reduce our costs in winter by canceling all educational programs we previously held during the winter break and by sending all boys and perhaps few girls to their villages in the coming winter break. We will also reduce the staff.

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April 2017 Newsletter

Dear Sponsors,

 On March 21st, the New Year begins in Afghanistan. The children have returned from the long winter break and they have started going to school.

We are extremely saddened to announce that we lost another precious soul. Chiara Cataldi, was one of AFCECO's dear friends who used to volunteer for the orphanage children by teaching them Italian several years ago. She passed away in February battling cancer. It was heartbreaking news to our children and staff who knew her. It is again with great pleasure to let you know that we have another group of students who are at the final stage of high school.

This year we have 16 students who will graduate in December and will eventually take “Kankor” the university entrance exam, which will help them get into universities. These students will be taking Kankor preparation courses: Sin Hawa, Wasila, Taiba, Aqila, Nazaneen, Fatima, Zohal, Hanifa, Huma, Saleem, Siraj, Ramin, Tawfiq, Aminullah, Anayatullah and Dariush. If you are interested in donating toward the expenses associated with preparation for the Kankor please let us know. The previous graduates took the Kankor exam on March 10th and the students were satisfied by their performances. Their results will be announced in August and they will start attending university in September. Right now, many of them are on holiday but some of the girls and boys have already started working with AFCECO. AFCECO has been very lucky for having such generous and caring sponsors who have stood beside us in our most difficult times.

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    We have 40 amazing talented young female musicians in our orphanages. Please join in this chance to nurture something so positive in our children and consequently Afghanistan.


    Please consider purchasing one of these very expressive and unique works of art produced by our very own students from the orphanages. You can also make a donation to the Art Program.


    Sports have become a major element to our children’s program. For our Girl’s Football Team, we have a trainer from the Afghan national soccer team working with our students at the American University field.


    For 13 years children coming from poverty and violence have lived together in orphanages that are bastions of true democracy, places where everyone is equal.


    Our girls at orphanage express themselves by practicing dance, an art that is still prohibited by societal norms in Afghanistan. Our children practice Attan, Afghan traditional dance, as well as ballet, western classical dance.

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