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New Orphanage in Herat

On October 2nd, 2010 Nadiah Orphanage officially opened in the city of Herat, in western Afghanistan. The three story home is located in a quiet neighborhood within walking distance to its sister orphanage, Hariwa. The impetus for this partnership is a shared belief in the power of education and nurturing, in raising the whole child, and the degree to which this is the real cause for a better future. The orphanage is named for a young woman who dared seek education during the Taliban era, even though she risked her life doing it. Nadiah Anjuman studied and wrote poetry, and though she died tragically at a young age, her poetry is extensive and is heralded in every corner of Afghanistan today. The spirit of Nadia, Nancy and the mission of AFCECO come together in this one bastion of peace.

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AFCECO Director honored with Vital Voice Award

Andeisha speaks at Kennedy Center in WashingtonOn Wednesday, March 10th, Vital Voices in conjunction with Goldman Sachs 10,000 women project held their 9th annual awards ceremony to “honor the innovators -- women on the front lines of creating new and effective strategies to remove so many of the roadblocks to advancing the roles of women worldwide.” The event was held at the renowned Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C. in front of an international audience comprised of dignitaries and celebrities as well as average volunteers who had come to support an honoree they had worked with. Among the recipients of the awards was none other than Andeisha Farid, founding director of AFCECO. It was difficult to imagine, entering this prestigious venue adorned with flowers and complimented by specially produced tribute films projected onto a huge on-stage screen, that one year ago AFCECO was a relatively unknown organization working against all odds to bring hope to Afghan orphans, their relations, and their country.

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