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Sponsor a Child

Help us to bring a new child to the orphanage

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Make one-time donation to help us sustain orphanage

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Founding Sponsorship

Becoming a founding sponsor of a new orphanage in Afghanistan

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Our Values

AFCECO’s aim is to bring up the next generation of Afghan citizens, so badly affected by three decades of war, and to help them grow into strong, productive, thoughtful members of society. The girls and boys in AFCECO’s orphanages are taught tolerance, respect for diversity, environmental sensitivity, respect for the rights of others, and strong values of integrity, honesty and caring. AFCECO teaches:

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  • Promote respect for the differences between human beings and an understanding that all human beings don’t have to think alike.
  • Respect freedom of thought and avoid imposing one’s ideas on others arbitrarily.
  • That freedom has real meaning only with justice and democracy.
  • There is no difference between people; no human being is superior to any other because of class, color, language, race, or religion.
  • Respect all religions and their followers.
  • Understand that religion is a private matter that cannot be forced on anyone else and nobody should be allowed to misuse it for any end,
  • No human being is better than any other because of gender.
  • A culture of peace is not possible if it does not promote conservation of the environment.
  • Encourage a respect for the value of life and implement it in their lives.
  • Encourage eagerness in understanding the ideas of others.
  • Promote the understanding that everyone, regardless of where they live is part of the bigger family.
  • Encourage listening to the ideas of others.
  • Respect teamwork and focus on the success of common goals.
  • Encourage work for world peace and make peace a priority over conflict.
  • Promote peace by learning other countries’ cultures, and learn that living in peace and harmony is the only right way for human beings.