Getting involved...

Sponsor a Child

Help us to bring a new child to the orphanage

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Make a Donation

Make one-time donation to help us sustain orphanage

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Founding Sponsorship

Becoming a founding sponsor of a new orphanage in Afghanistan

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CharityHelp International (CHI) is using the power of electronic connectivity to promote, create, and support direct long-term relationships between individuals and organizations in emerging nations and supporters.These relationships support viable and sustainable economic development in the non-profit, medical, and entrepreneurial business sectors. By combining available technologies and services such as mobile data communications, mobile banking, and others with tele-mentoring, CHI uses this connectivity to create a self-reinforcing process that can accelerate sustainable development.

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Children of Hope

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Children of Hope is a volunteer organization governed by a Board of Directors which is comprised of community leaders, entrepreneurs, and young professionals. Board members are committed to delivering Children of Hope’s mandate and continuing to grow its ability to “make a difference” through advocacy and

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raising funds for orphans and destitute children. The Board’s responsibilities include accountability, administering and approving funds, managing projects, and providing guidance on proposed initiatives.

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