March is a month of new beginnings, literally on the 20th, Vernal Equinox. On that day is Nourz, what Afghan people celebrate as New Year’s. School begins after a long winter break, and the children who have been visiting their relatives have already begun to return. Those who travelled to Italy have also returned. They are all excited and full of stories to tell, so you sponsors who wish to write can ask them to share their experiences with you in writing. (It is good practice for them!)


Normally mid-winter would be a time we’d have little to say, with the children out of school and projects merely in the planning stage, but it appears given all we have to report this newsletter will be a lengthy affair. First, a report from Italy: the 12 children we sent to Milano have settled in and are making dramatic use of their winter break. As you know there is nothing like an immersion in another culture to develop language skills and build character. A world has opened up for these children, a world they will carry with them through their lives. Special thanks go out to all our Italian sponsors and friends who make this possible..

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